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In the interest of saving the enviornment and your costs we are giving you an option of ordering your tea either in a re-usable tin or in a special tea pouch to refill you tea tin. Please tell us if you want your tea in a tin for the $16.95 value per tin or the resealable pouch for a value of $15.95. per pouch. Remember we have free shipping in the lower 48 states on all orders over $50. Thank you. Tins are easy and the presentaion is affirmative for gifts or to get started. The pouch is a zip lock sealed top that can also be reused.
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Tea: American Chai
Black tea spiced with cloves, orange peels, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon.
Item ID: AC101
Price Options...

Tea: Assam
A superior single estate, robust black tea enjoyed with or without milk or sugar.
Item ID: AS102
Price Options...

Tea: Chai Rooibus
No caffeine, but exotic blends of spices for aroma and taste. The Rooibus is an herb grown in South Africa with many properties of the true tea pleasures.
Item ID: ChRoo
Price Options...

Tea: Darjeeling Black
Known as the "Champagne" of tea, this selection is grown on the Himalayan mountain estates of the Darjeeling district in Northeast India.
Item ID: DJ BL105
Price Options...

Tea: Darjeeling Green
Unfermented, green Darjeeling tea with a light and delicate flavor. Steep ONLY 2 minutes.
Item ID: DJGr 106
Size: 4 ounce tin
Price Options...

Tea: Dark Chocolate Spiced Black
You will find a guiltless pleasure in the marriage of tea and dark chocolate. Spices are aromatic and gently pleasing.
Item ID: DkChSpBlack
Price Options...

Tea: Ginger Black
The exciting aroma of ginger marries the black tea leaf for a refreshing beverage - hot or cold.
Item ID: GngrBlk
Price Options...

Tea: Gingerbread Latte Rooibus
No caffeine but the pleasures of gingerbread and home. This herbal tea can give a healthy satisfaction of a dessert.
Item ID: GLatRoo
Price Options...

Tea: Honey Ginger Green
The smooth honey and green tea leaf make this tea a privilege of taste.
Item ID: HGG
Price Options...

Tea: Irene's Blend Signature Tea Special
Our own private blend of China tea with raspberry and black currants.
Item ID: IB107
Price Options...

Tea: Lapsang Souchong
A smoky black connoisseur tea
Item ID: LS109
Price Options...

Tea: Prince Jonathan George
Offers a quality enhancement of an Early Grey black tea.
Item ID: PJG111
Price Options...

Tea: Sunflower Black
A special Assam, known as the basis for English tea experiences, steeps a full bodied liquor with additions of sunflower, marigold, cornflower petals and pineapple and mango bits.
Item ID: SfB114
Price Options...

Tea: Tung Ting Oolong Tea
The finest Oolong tea is an artful balance of production between green and black leaves. This is the finest we have found and offer it for your pleasure. It is delicate while also full flavored. Tea leaves are packaged and sold by net weight.
Item ID: TT Oolong
Price Options...

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